Patented formulation. Proven nutrition for a soothing, healthy tear.


The right form and serving. 1 teaspoon of our patent-protected Dry Eye Omega Benefits formula provides the recommended serving (2-3 grams) of omega-3s in the re-esterified triglyceride form (rTG).


Easily digested. This product has no gelatin or capsule so it provides direct easy digestion and absorption of the omega-3s.


 Great taste. Dry Eye Omega Benefits has a great-tasting lemon/lime flavor.

Medical Grade PRN Omega 3 Liquid 6.7 Oz. Bottle

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  • The best solution for those who do not like swallowing pills or capsules.  Has very high absorbtion level since it is not encapsulated. Most economical per dose. Order today!

A portion of all proceeds are donated to the National Keratoconus Foundation and other vision related charitable organizations.


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