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Scleral Shell Corneal Prosthetics for Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Rehabilitation

Scleral Contact Lens

SCLERAL SHELL PROSTHETIC devices are the newest treatment for moderate to severe dry eye or as an adjunct option to other situations such as persistent corneal wounds or other ocular surface conditions. Similiar to the older PROSE lens technology it consists of a corneal prosthetic that is essentially a contact lens with a fluid reservoir or "cup" that bathes the ocular surface in a liquid medium that protects, hydrates and provides a soothing, healing microenvironment for the cornea and external eye.


Scleral shell devices are made out of a highly gas-permeable hard plastic that allows oxygen to reach the cornea. The prosthetic devices are essentially specialized scleral contact lenses that are transparent domes (that are fit using our KeratoCAD® proprietary lens fitting software) and are about the size of a dime. They look similar to an oversized hard contact lens and resemble a margarita glass in shape. Like the old PROSE lenses, these devices fit under the eyelids, vaulting the damaged cornea and resting on the sclera (the relatively insensitive white tissue of the eye). Worn during waking hours, patients are trained in daily application, removal and cleaning as part of the treatment process. They are designed to create a space between the prosthetic device and the eye that is filled with sterile saline. The liquid remains in the reservoir, providing constant lubrication by bathing the eye in a pool of artificial tears.


The results of these devices is astounding. We fit many patients with severe dry eye that have failed with many medical and surgical treatments and now they are off all medications and only need occasional lubication with artificial tears. The improvements comfort and in quality of life scores and the long term money savings in terms of medication costs and other expenses are truly life changing.  The procedure and lenses are often covered by medical and even sometimes vision insurance plans. Call us KCLI today for a FREE Scleral Shell Prosthetics consultation for yourself or a loved one suffering from dry eye. You will be so glad you did.






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