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SynergEyes Contact Lenses to Correct Vision in Bellmore, New York

For more information about RGP contacts or corneal transplants in Bellmore, New York, we have provided a list of FAQs that we can answer.

Am I a suitable candidate for any of these contact lens options?

Most patients with keratoconus and other irregular corneal conditions are candidates for one or more of our lens modalities. Scheduling a consultation to evaluate the nuances of your particular case is always the best way to determine which of these amazing technologies are the best fit for you and your eyes.


What makes KeratoCAD® so different?

KeratoCAD® is a proprietary software program that we use to map the cornea of each scleral lens patient we  evaluate.  It measures over 9300 individual points on the cornea and sclera to allow a level of  precision fitting that is unsurpassed anywhere else. We have worked on and modified the software over the last 20 years and have refined our fitting techniques so that the maximum comfort, vision and eye health can be achieved for every patient we see.


Can I wear makeup and other cosmetics while wearing these lenses?

Absolutely and most of our patients do every day. It is advisable, however, to wash your hands after handling any makeup or skin creams as they can damage the lenses and make them harder to keep wet in the eye since most makeup and creams have a lipid or oily base that can keep the tears from spreading over the lenses which can affect both vision and comfort.



Will they hurt?

The lenses we fit are all custom designed to fit the cornea and/or sclera of your particular eye and the comfort of them is rarely an issue. If comfort is an issue we have many lens modalities that we can try to better satisfy your needs.


Are these lenses safe?

The lenses, lens materials and fitting techniques we use are all FDA approved and have been used in many facilities around the country. Eye health complications with these lenses are very uncommon if used as prescribed and proper follow up with our office is followed.


Can I sleep in them?

Sleeping in these lenses are not recommended. The rates of complications such as corneal ulcers and conjunctivitis skyrocket in studies that looked at overnight contact lens wear, particularly in corneas that are compromised from disease or surgery such as the case with keratoconus and other corneal issues.


Will they fall out during very physical activities?

While it is always possible that all types of lenses (even soft lenses) can fall out, if fit properly it is fairly unusual. If there is heavy eye rubbing or other actions that can dislodge a lens it is possible but even then the lens tends to right itself. This is especially the case with scleral lenses, where the likelihood of this occuring is very rare indeed.


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